A.V. Krebs is Director of the Corporate Agribuiness Research Project, P.O. Box 2201, Everett, Washington 98203-0201, U.S.A. (425) 258-5345 [e-mail: avkrebs@earthlink.net] and is the editor-publisher of The Agribusiness Examiner, a weekly e-mail newsletter and The Agbiz Tiller Online, an Internet newsletter [http://wwww.ea1.com/tiller/], both devoted to monitoring the activities of corporate agribusiness from a public interest perspective.

The author of The Corporate Reapers: The Book Of Agribusiness (Essential Books, Wash. D.C.:1992) is a native Californian and a journalist and has been a public interest advocate for over 39 years. He has worked with the National Sharecroppers Fund (1969-70), Jim Hightower and the Agribusiness Accountability Project (1971-75), Consumer Action-San Francisco (1975-76), Rural America (1979-1982), Ralph Nader's Center for the Study of Responsive Law (1989-1992) and PrairieFire Rural Action (1993-95).

He is also a member of the board of directors of the North American Farm Alliance, the National Family Farm Coalition, the Organic Consumers Association Policy Advisory Board and the Family Farm Defenders. His work appears regularly in The Progressive Populist ("The Calamity Howler").

A graduate of Seattle University ('57) his initial interest in agricultural and rural issues came in the early 1960's as a free-lance journalist covering Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers in California's Central Valley. The recipient of the 1998 National Farmers Union's Milt Hakel Award given on an annual basis to an outstanding journalist for national coverage of topics critical to family farmers and ranchers and to rural communities, he now resides in Everett, Washington.

















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A.V. Krebs, editor

P.O. BOX 2201
Everett, WA 98203-0201
(425) 258-5345
e-mail: avkrebs@earthlink.net