The Corporate Agribusiness Research Project's goal is to increase public understanding of corporate agribusiness through awareness, education, and action in addition to the importance of building alternative, democratically controlled food systems. It's major objectives include:

    A) To show community groups why they need to concentrate their efforts on the most significant effects of monopoly control of corporate agribusinesses: decline of the family farm system of agriculture, the ruining of local rural economies, job loss, high food prices, unsafe food and environmental and bio devastation.

    B) To assist rural and urban community groups in understanding the need for corporate accountability and how corporate agribusiness controls their economies by the buying of the raw materials they produce and the selling of the food they consume.

    C) Educate and mobilize local groups to demonstrate how they can develop their own sustainable, democratic and alternative agricultural systems so they can effectively bypass corporate agribusiness and economically, socially and ecologically strenghten their own local communities.



















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